On Post-Orgasm Torture

At some point during a man’s orgasm, fluid stops being pressed into the urethra.  In some men, this ends the process of ejaculation, and continued stimulation of the frenum and corona has little or no effect.  In most, though, it brings only a need to end the process of ejaculation, and continued stimulation keeps the reflex spasms going, accompanied by a feeling of distress at being unable to stop them. Few women get the opportunity to observe this phenomenon; a man whose orgasm has gone on long enough is usually in a position to end the stimulation without making his partner aware of his vulnerability.  Some men, though, become so sensitive that when they fuck, they need to pull out immediately after ejaculation; the continued pressure of the vaginal walls on the frenum and corona, even in the absence of motion, is too much to bear.  If you’ve had such a lover, you’ve had an unusual opportunity to observe the male need to protect the penis from prolonged stimulation, though he might never have explained what was happening.  (Men, as we’ve seen, tend to be secretive about their vulnerabilities, and there’s many a man who would rather leave you feeling puzzled and rejected by his hurry to put some distance between you than let you know that his cock is too sensitive to leave in your pussy.) 

Most men don’t become quite that sensitive, but continued active stimulation of the frenum and corona causes them distress.  You’ll see it if you’re fucking your man from above and you hold his wrists down, tighten your vaginal muscles, and continue thrusting after he’s come; or if you tie his arms away and continue rubbing his frenum and corona with your hands after the spurting of fluid stops. If you want to hold your man in this state — and I recommend that you do, at least occasionally — there are four things you should know.  

First, it can’t do any harm. The distress of continued stimulation isn’t pain (though some men may call it that) and it doesn’t reflect tissue damage — not even temporary damage.  When you stop, your partner’s distress ends immediately.

Point two:  When you stop, even for a few seconds, the ejaculatory spasms also stop.  If you resume stimulation, it will have little or no effect, so don’t take a break until you’re sure you’re done. 

Third, the stimulation you apply must be specifically to the frenum and corona.  The nerves that end there are the only ones that reliably force continuation of the ejaculatory spasms; if you milk the shaft alone, the spasms will end, comfortably, when the supply of fluid runs out.  (If your man is an exception, great!  But don’t expect it.) 

Fourth, your man’s cock itself will give you some help.  You can feel the continuing spasms and use them to time the motion of your hands, which makes for a much more effective sort of stimulation than a random beat.  And for as long as you keep the spasms going, the process of detumescence is slowed, giving you a convenient degree of resistance to rub against.  Usually you can even continue fucking if you don’t give your partner clearance to pull out. 

Sexual Power for Women 


Georgeann Cross


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