The Art Of Face Sitting


I hate you all. 

I’ll be in my room.


First off, there is an art to this.

Ladies, if you find a man that says it isn’t an art, he doesn’t know how to correctly eat you out.  And that’s okay.  Hopefully he lays the pipe well enough that you don’t mind lackluster cunnilingus.

Moving forward.

Face sitting, as I said in the title, is an art.  Just like with painting a picture, making a sculpture, or writing a story, there’s elements that every artist needs: a sturdy work space (his face), a decent paintbrush/sculpting tool/pencil or pen (his tongue), and a canvas/clay/paper (her yoni).  Basic items, but again, it’s what you DO with those items that creates the pièce de résistance (the orgasm).

Let’s start with the face.  I know there are some women who sometimes get afraid of sitting on a man’s face.  They worry that the pressure will be too much for him, that she might be too heavy, or that she may cut off his oxygen supply.  Let me say with unwavering certainty that two of these three options are of no worry to the face.  The pressure isn’t too much.  You cannot be too heavy.  If you place your knees right above his shoulders, your yoni is in perfect range and most of the weight will be distributed on the surface he is laying on.  As far as the lack of oxygen, well… that’s what breathing through his nose is for.  (Unless he’s an advanced eater, then he knows that eating pussy is like swimming; take a deep breath, go in, turn your face, take another breath, go in, turn your face in the opposite direction, take another breath, go in, etc.  This technique pretty much assures you that the pleasure shall continue and you won’t get tired of creating that masterpiece.)  Line your yoni up with his mouth, your ass should be falling right above his throat, which is a perfect position for his hands to guide you.

On to the tongue, arguably the most important part of this equation; without your paintbrush/sculpting tool/pencil or pen you can’t create.  Learn how to make deep strokes, curling your tongue.  Don’t just use the rough side of your tongue; that’s a sure way to over sensitize the clitoris.  As a rule of thumb: you shouldn’t just concentrate on just the clitoris anyway.  Get creative!  Stiffen your tongue and slap her ass; make her bounce up and down like you’re the mechanical bull at a country bar.  Pin the clitoris!  This is an advanced technique most men never bother to learn about; if you place the clitoris between your upper lip and your front teeth, the vibrations from your constant movement of your tongue will surely excite her even more.  USE THE UNDERSIDE OF YOUR TONGUE.  USE THE UNDERSIDE OF YOUR TONGUE.  USE THE UNDERSIDE OF YOUR TONGUE.  I can’t stress that enough; the smoothness of that part of the tongue contrasted with the rough top part creates what science likes to call alternating friction.  The best way to start a fire isn’t just with wood; you got to have some fuel to spark that flame.

Finally, the yoni.  GET IN IT.  Put some work into it.  Stick your whole tongue in there, it’s not going to bite you.  Swirl it around; act as if you’re trying to turn your tongue over.  Dip your pen into the inkwell and start writing your name on her thighs.  Pay attention to the labia majora!  Those are erogenous zones as well!  Tease her!  You’ve got two free hands; take one and play with the clitoris while your tongue fucks her.  Make her grab on to something.  Make her grind her pussy into your face.  Men, you always want to fuck her face; let her fuck yours!  It’s there, it’s for you, why not take hold of the opportunity?  Let her go wild!  You can handle it, I promise!

I think the biggest thing to remember overall is to have fun with it.  Enjoy it!  If you’re going in with this defeatist attitude, you’re only going to make the situation worse.

Then again, I’m a man who enjoys eating pussy.  I thrive on it.

I love it.

Reblogging for those who didn’t see this.  It’s an invaluable tool.

I’m not sure you can always have this much conscious thought while your face is being sat on (at least not if I’m grinding), but some good info nonetheless.

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